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Welcome to Camp Jupiter and Camp Half blood guide wiki! If you're new to Greek and Romans, read the Beginner's Myths. Some pages may have spoilers, but if you think it's wrong, edit it! There's only one goal: have fun!

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Some information are linked to Camp Half Blood wiki. It doesn't mean I copy-pasted them, I simply wrote them and as you see, some information are wrong so I may have deleted them. I linked some pages on camp half blood wiki because I hope that all of you accept camp half blood wiki and camp Jupiter and camp half blood guide wiki are friends. I also hope that you fellow readers, edit some parts in and out and I am honored for you to make pages as you wish. You may sign in or you may register and you may use that CJCHB chat. You can call me Clarisse, as it is my nickname (no joke) and I sometimes chat. So when people see me, there's a chance I will make them administrators on this wiki. Remember, invite some friends and have a safe life with interviews!

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